Netsite + SiteKit CMS

This is a demo site set up together with Sitekit.


It is designed to show how Sitekit CMS is one of the most advanced, multi-user, standards-compliant Web Content Management System available today.


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Sitekit CMS

Sitekit CMS, enables organisations to easily manage their web-site, without the need for programming skills or the continual need to outsource to web agencies.


  • Top search engine ranking
  • Leading accessibility (Bobby AAA, W3C Compliant)
  • Ease of use - cutting edge technology without the hassle
  • Tangible financial returns from your CMS investment
  • A solution that scales and grows with your business
  • Integration with your existing IT and Software
  • Fully Supported Platform


Ribbon style admin menu enables editors to view and identify all the system’s tools available to them at a glance. Tools are now logically grouped on different tabs (edit, manage, configure, style), making the system much quicker to navigate for different types of editors, and speeds up access to the features that are used most often.

Customisable desktop fully configurable desktop to display whatever features related to the site that editor/administrator wants to immediately see when they log into the system, this might be recently edited pages, RSS news feeds, who is currently logged on, email alerts about unpublished pages needing approval, reminders, KPIs or reports from Google analytics.

Inline editing update your webpage quickly and easily using the in-line editing WYSIWYG editing tools on Sitekit CMS. As you edit straight onto the web page, you visually see your changes before you save or publish them.

Drag 'n' Drop Within Sitekit CMS you can drag and drop pages to rearrange the structure of your website. You can also drag 'n' drop assets (pictures, files and videos) between folders.

Text Only Automatically create a text only version of your website, where visitors can personalise their experience by selecting the fonts and colours. This feature will make your website compliant to accessibility standards as audible browsers and Braille readers are able to interpret content.

Email page Introduce an icon which will send a link to the page via email. Choose single or multiple recipients with a customisable accompanying message.

XML Consumer With just one click you can add an XML consumer to any web page. This advanced feature enables systems integration and the ability to re-use XML data made available on other websites.

Search Add a sophisticated search facility to any page and enable visitors to keyword search your entire site. Alternatively add the search facility to pages on extranet or intranet, and search only content that is visible to that user.

Sitemap Add a sitemap which is automatically updated whenever you add or delete a page. This powerful feature can create a summary for each page which improves the entire websites visibility to search engines and improves the visitors experience when navigating the website.

Statistics Evaluate your website by analysing vital statistics which include page visits, users sessions, referring URLs, and search terms. Statistics are viewable online or can be e-mailed to you. Alternatively choose your own analysis package to interpret the raw log files.

Print page/site Create a template to control the appearance of a page when it is printed, achieving a one-click experience for your website visitors. This feature enables visitors to select single or multiple pages, and will remember what and when the selected pages were printed.

Templates Use templates to separate content, design, and functionality. Designers can take control of the look and feel of their website and protect it to ensure consistency, whilst compliance is maintained to standards such as e-GIF and Dublin Core.